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mardi 19 août 2008

The Parable of Delayed Adrian Cooper

Over the years numerous people have sent messages to Adrian Cooper asking why, despite the fact they are trying very hard applying The Law of Attraction, they have still not attracted their wishes, needs and desires.

Adrian Cooper also receives numerous messages from people who have successfully applied the Law of Attraction, and as a result continue to do so in their lives, attracting all of their wishes, needs and desires.

Once success with The Law of Attraction is experienced, all doubt, one of the major blocks, fades away, and the true power of the Mind can be more fully realised.

Such people will never want for anything ever again.

So why in many cases does The Law of Attraction not seem to "work".

In other words, what is the moral behind the Parable of Delayed Manifestation ?

This parable teaches that once you have created your Thought Form intentionally for example through The Law of Attraction, just because it does not come to fruition quickly it should not be abandoned.

Instead, Adrian Cooper invites you to know beyond doubt that the Thought Form exists, that the Universe is already bringing it into your own experience, and to nurture and fertilize that Thought Form with the right thoughts, expectations, feelings, knowing and above all true Faith and Belief in the process as an aspect of The Source, The First Cause, God, and co-creator in the Universe with the same God-given powers of creation.

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The Parable of Delayed Manifestation

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