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lundi 12 janvier 2009

Creating Your Own Adrian Cooper

The process of creating anything and everything you could possibly desire is a natural, God given ability that everyone possesses, it is just that most simply do not know or realise it.

The Universe is infinitely abundant, there are no limits on wealth or anything else.

When you know beyond any doubt that you are indeed a creator, a co-creator within the magnificent Universe in which we live, an aspect of The Source, The First Cause, God, then you will know beyond any doubts in you very being that you can realise all of your wishes.

The process of manifestation is conceptually extremely simple, consisting of the 5 steps : Know, Ask, Experience, Action and Gratitude.
  1. Know your desire.
  2. Ask for your desire.
  3. Experience yout desire.
  4. Action towards your desire.
  5. Gratitude for your desire.
These 5 steps will enable you to manifest absolutely anything at all into your own physical reality.

Once learned, you will apply these steps naturally in your ongoing existence, and you will become a conscious creator of your own reality, shaping your world in precise accordance with your desires.

You can enjoy a magical life of unlimited joy, harmony and fulfilment, always knowing that there is absolutely nothing that you cannot be, do or have.

If you want to take a deltailed look at each of these important steps to realising your wishes, click on the link below:

Our Ultimate Reality

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