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lundi 12 janvier 2009

The Power Of Adrian Cooper

The true meaning of life, the very reason for our creation and individual existence is to evolve back to God by means of the ongoing process of perfection, always aspiring to the Ultimate perfection of God.

Transmutation of negative, dense, low vibrations to their opposite positive, fine, high vibrations is all a part of the ongoing evolutionary process of all life.

Awareness and control over the emotions can be profoundly valuable, especiallly for example in the creation of our own realities.

Because emotions are such a powerful aspect of the Mind, they have an equally powerful effect on the energy that shapes our individual reality.

The scale of emotion ranges from the very highest emotion and vibration of all, the emotion of The Source, The First Cause, of God, that of Unconditional Love, all the way down to the very lowest emotion at the lowest end of the emotional Energy scale of vibration, that of abject hate.

To learn more about the principles applying all the way down the scale of emotion, click on the banner below :

PS: We are all here to evolve by means of our freewill.

The Universe, The Source, God therefore never, ever denies anyone any request for everything whatsoever; there are no exceptions to this truth.

Each and every person must experience exactly that which they need to experience in order to learn and evolve back to The Source, The First Cause, God.

Always remember that this is the meaning of life.

Adrian Cooper.

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