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jeudi 20 août 2009

Choices: To Fear Or Not To Fear 2012..A Message from Kryon Channeled by Lee Caroll

An original message from Kryon and channeled by Lee Caroll that invites you not to fear 2012.

You are remembered that your choice is to fear or not to fear.

If you want to fear it, you can.

That is your free choice.

However, if you wish to find out the truth, you might look at the source!

For the Mayans gave it to you.

They said that it is the beginning of a very high energy and a time when Human consciousness might indeed move.

Kryon goes on indicating that :

What's your choice right now, dear one?

For you have some choices to make.

You get a chance to fear what's coming, because there are plenty of Human Beings who are going to tell you to fear 2012.

Every single thing we have uttered for 20 years has been about this profound shift.

It's about what you've done, the potentials of what you can do, and the enlightened state that this planet has the potential to move into about now.

You're preparing for 2012 - not for the doom that has been told to you from your fear mongers, but for the amazing truth that has been given to you from the ancients who even carved the message into the rock [the glyphs of the Mayans].

The Galactic Alignment is occurring as you speak.

It's not something you are going to get in December of 2012, but something that has already occurred!

Check out the truth of this with the current astronomers, and you will see that the 26,000-year cycle has already reached the precession peak.

Why do you fear something in 2012, when the "event" is already in progress?

In addition, you have been feeling this shift since 1998!

How can you deny all the things around you, as they shift and move and affect your lives?

Isn't it obvious that you are already within the apex of this alignment?

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