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mercredi 16 septembre 2009

The Art of Conscious Tom Murasso

Thanks to my facebook friend Tom Murasso the conscious creation process is more clear than ever.
"We have already received the answer to our prayers, states Tom.
"All the wishes are granted, all the wants and desires already waiting in the ‘wings’ ― they already exist.
"Every possible future we could ever imagine is birthed and we merely have to choose which one we want to experience.
"So conscious creation is really about choosing which reality we want to experience.
"Ah, but there’s the trick: how to choose! says Tom.
"And… how do we not choose the bad stuff?
"How do we deliberately choose among the infinite possibilities that lie before us?
"How do we ‘communicate’ with the Infinite One ― the All-That-Is ― that we’re ready to receive what we desire from the Universe?
"As with anything or anyone we wish to communicate with, we need to speak its language.
"We need to speak the language of God.
"Interestingly, desire, wants, needs, wishes ― the things we want to create ― are usually born from the things we don’t want.
"And, there’s a key here; what we don’t want usually feels bad.
"The language of God is not a language of words; it’s a language of feelings.
"We communicate with the Field of Energy with our feelings.
I loved the example Tom's chosen to ilustrate the process of creating indesirable outcomes
Here's an excerpt from his free sample :
If our thought is, “I want financial freedom” a pattern of energy is sent forth that expresses that thought.

However, any emotion or feeling that does not resonate with that thought is incapable of supporting our desire.

Typically a thought about not having enough money comes from the emotion of fear.

The feeling we get is panic, worry, and stress.

So, we send this powerful energy out to the Universe: “I desire financial freedom!”

So far, so good, but the emotion behind the thought is fear and consequently, the feeling we communicate to the All-That-Is brings us more panic, worry, and stress.

The key to choosing one possible future among the many possible outcomes is our ability to feel as if our choice has already happened.

Using our example from above ― we ARE financially free and we need to feel what financial freedom feels like.

We need to experience it with our five senses.

See it, touch it, smell it, taste it, hear it…

BE it!

Here is where the imagination becomes our greatest tool.

Find that quality of thought and emotion that produces the feeling of financial freedom, an ideal relationship, perfect health, or whatever you desire, and our world mirrors the feeling.
For more details read the entire article : The Art Of Conscious Creation

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