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dimanche 13 décembre 2009 David Wilcock

It is absolutely mandatory that Management keeps our planet balanced.

That is the Way of the Universe.

We are not alone.

Nothing happens by random chance.

Everyone is growing spiritually whether they realize it or not, regardless of how many times they may repeat the same lessons.

The balance that Management provides for us means that we can equally look for the positive, and find it, as the negative.

The more negative things happen, the more positive breakthroughs must be allowed to occur.

And the negative will never be allowed to overtake the positive under any circumstances.

The changes we do see on Earth are a necessary part of the growth pains involved in this process.

As long as you remain in fear, the negative plans still have a chance of working out.

If you wake up, lose the fear and understand the real story, then you are on the winning side -- and your life can be an ever-increasing bounty of blessings, goodwill and spiritual growth.

This is a war of frequency.

The frequency being fought over is your consciousness.

Will you exist in love, or in fear?

Either way is a choice.

And the choice you make has a direct, resonant effect upon the entire planet.

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