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vendredi 8 janvier 2010

A Brief History Of The Universe, According To The Law Of One David Wilcock

The words below are excerpted from a long article written by David Wilcock.

It appears to me that David has a great understanding and a vast amount of information concerning what's supposed to happen in December 21 2012.

If you love what David produces, you can read the entire article at the end of this excerpt and get more information by going to the direct source of his channeled information contained in the Ra Material.

The Law of One series aligns with many ancient spiritual traditions in positing there is only one God, one Creator.

The entire Universe is said to be an illusion -- including all space, all time and all dimensions as we know them.

All that ever has truly existed is the Creator, which is called "Intelligent Infinity."

The story goes that "intelligent infinity" decided it wanted to separate itself into various co-Creators in order to have a more vivid experience.

Each of these co-creators would be given complete free will to exist and grow on their own, however they chose.

This also meant they could experience a sense of separation, and forget that they are, in fact, part of this One Ultimate Being.

Intelligent infinity thus created intelligent energy, which in turn created multi-dimensional space and time as we know it.

Galaxies, stars and planets then emerged from the increasingly geometric, 'fractal' patterns of intelligent energy that formed in the Creation.

The Great Experiment reached its fulfillment in the design and manifestation of sentient life on a vast number of these planets throughout the Universe.

These planets were populated by beings like us.

A surprisingly large percentage of planets throughout the entire Universe -- as many as 14 percent -- have people who are more or less human-looking, as it is a very popular design.

Within our own galaxy, ALL sentient life is human-looking, though witness testimony has revealed there are a variety of differences in terms of height, skin color and other minor features such as the teeth and the number of fingers.

Though most hands have five fingers, a fair number have six fingers per hand -- and some people from Earth have this too.

In the case of an entire planet worth of people with features like these, the differences are the result of the influence of the stars and planets the people evolve upon.

Everything in the Cosmos is alive and intelligent, and stars and planets have 'personalities' just like the galaxies do.

The commonality of the human form in our galaxy is one of many points in the Law of One series that was later validated by multiple insider witness testimonies from classified 'black-ops' programs.

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