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mercredi 6 janvier 2010

Your Subconscious Mind Follows Your Curriculum Orders Like A Good David Wilcock

Both helpful for personal development and for spiritual growth, the following teachings are excerpted from an article written by David Wilcock and intitled 'A Scientific Blueprint For Ascension'

Your subconscious knows there is a curriculum, knows it is growing, and like a good soldier, it follows its orders without question.

This is why hypnosis is so effective, and so potentially dangerous.

In a hypnotic trance, you remove the "veto" power of the conscious mind, and bring the unquestioning subconscious directly up to the surface for programming purposes.

Negative powers on this planet know that in moments of great fear and trauma, a form of hypnosis occurs.

The conscious mind is temporarily stunned, and the subconscious takes over in the "shock" reflex so quick decisions can be made by instinct alone.

However, this subconscious is highly susceptible, and will believe and follow whatever it is told.

Therefore, by keeping someone in constant fear, you can easily manipulate and control them.

The 'orders' this level of our being receives include the desires of the conscious mind, which the subconscious will dutifully attempt to fulfill -- including networking with others, in the "astral plane," who might be able to help.

Eventually we may be guided to meet them physically.

A strange sense of "deja vu" might happen when we do, as subconsciously we've been working with them for some time.

Whatever you focus on in your conscious mind constitutes the orders you are giving.

If you say you want more money but then go around telling yourself "God damn it, I don't have any money," the subconscious says, "OK, you don't have any money."

The best way to manifest your desires is to live as if they have already happened.

Your subconscious does not understand the concept of a past or a future.

It only knows the Now.

If you say "In the future, when I get (__) I will be happy," then your subconscious says, "OK, in the future I will be happy."

Then that future never comes.

The subconscious needs to hear that you are happy now.

Right now, whatever you want has already manifested.

Feel the deep, abiding gratitude for it.

Let that become your reality.

If you don't feel this deeply, truly and genuinely, then it won't work.

However, if this positive attitude becomes the predominant focus of your life, then it is more likely that the things you will desire will come to you.

Yes... more likely.

You see, this is by no means a foolproof plan.

Your conscious mind can attempt to program the subconscious mind, and do everything right, but you still might not get what you want.

Why? Because you also have a Higher Self, which is a part of what is called the "Superconscious Mind" in classic psychology.

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