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lundi 29 mars 2010

Darkness Was A Great Teacher To You, Humanity & Christine Breese

I've just finished reading "Fearlessness In The 2012 Paradigm Shift" written by Christine Breese and I loved her book.

She really knew how to synthesize what's written about the subject of 2012 and all the predictions around this iconic date.

Here's an excerpt from her sublime book :
Godself is now turning its attention in another direction, another idea, a new “What if?” question.

Humanity is now going to be experiencing different infuences and energies that bring about a different kind of reality.

Humanity, as a vehicle for consciousness, has grown wiser from the brush with darkness and negative pole infuences.

The negative pole infuences will still be present but not as predominant as they are now.

Now humanity is able to venture into vaster areas of reality because it knows how to “behave” in the bigger playing fields.

It has learned how not to do things, and that automatically causes Humanity to know the correct way to do things.

With that knowledge, Humanity will become a better companion to others in the universe.

It can play “nice” with the other kids soon.

As it is, Humanity is not going to be allowed off the planet and outside its immediate sphere of reference in its violent state, run by those who serve darkness.

This species is in no way equipped yet to be part of the Universal Community.

After what is about to happen in the “Great Awakening” Humanity will never mistreat a planet again, never mistreat each other again, and it will never mistreat others in the universe.

Humanity has learned about respect for life in all forms through all of this, and there are far better ways to do things if guided by the heart.
If you want to read more about this vital subject for humanity, click on the link below :

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