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mardi 6 avril 2010

Call For The Conscious Carl Johan Calleman

From what we may understand of the Mayan calendar the unity consciousness will set an end to all forms of dominance of one human over another and especially those generated by the left brain.

What this likely will mean is that instruments of dominance, such as the current financial system, weapons, national borders and many other structures upholding authority in this process will come to crumble as an effect of this unity consciousness coming into existence and so conclude with the birth of a new world where a divine harmony characterize the human relations.

This end to dominance will also affect the relationship between the genders on a global scale that as a result will profoundly shift.
Needless to say, there will never be any return to business as usual.

Instead we will need to approach the birth of the new world consciously and with an intention of co-creating it in a positive sense and not just react to the various difficulties that lie ahead.

I believe that such a collective intention of co-creating the new world will be the best way of easing the consequences of these difficulties.
Excerpted from Carl Johan Calleman's article : 9.9.9. and the Mayan Calendar

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