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samedi 21 août 2010

Kryon: Beginning Activation Of DNA...Channelled by Lee Caroll

One of the great teachings of Kryon is about DNA, especially the 12 layers of DNA which play and will play a vital role in our coming shift.

There is a numerology behind these layers and I will let you discover it through this passage excerpted from the article “Beginning Activation Of DNA” :

In this new energy, there are five layers that are being activated to a point where great gifts will be yours.
But I would be wrong to say that it was happening in a linear way, for one of those five is always being activated.
So really, there are four, plus one!
Already we’re in trouble because we are linearizing quantum energies, trying to count them.
We’re going to do it anyway, because there is no way I can communicate quantum things to you unless I reduce them to a three-dimensional construct for teaching.
So I will.
Five quantum energies are involved in the gifts of this age.
Specifically, five.
Yet you might say we can’t ignore the main one, for it’s the main 3D layer.
If you said that, you’d be right.
That would really make six energies, but I’m still going to stick to a concept of five, since DNA Layer 1 is always affected by anything that happens within the others.
Layer 1 has been identified at the 3D double helix… the linear chemistry that you can see under a microscope.
Although the parts do not change, how they interact is programmed by the other 11.
Therefore, number one is always in shift.
It represents the chemistry; therefore, it represents what you see and feel.
In numerology, 5 is the number of change, and this is proper for us to place that energy upon this lesson.
The five energies or identities of the layers are number 2, number 6, the combination of layers 7 and 8, and number 9.
These represent five energies involving six layers.
I will explain as we go, and will list them in review.
This is esoteric teaching and it is complex.
It is beautiful, new, and it starts to explain some things for you, concepts you need to know.
It provides an explanation of the beginning gifts of the shift, and provides attributes you can do that you’ve not been able to do before.
It starts to explain the unexplainable.
Already I’ve given you the overall numerology of this lesson.
So already, we’re into the energy of numerology.
If you doubt that we are dealing with the energy of five, then do this:
Take layer 2, layer 6, layer 7, 8 and 9 and add them together, you are going to get an energy in numerology, of five [2 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 32].
The 32, when reduced to one number, is 5.
So again, 5 means universal change.
Get ready for change!

If you want to listen to the entire teaching (1 hour audio) click on the link below : “The 12 Layers Of DNA”. If you want to get access to other teachings, click on the following link : Kryon Channelling.

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