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vendredi 22 octobre 2010

Kryon : The Harmonic Convergence...Channelled by Lee Caroll

From his Lightworker's Handbook, especially in his Lesson 1 dedicated to Spirituality "Discovering Your Spirituality", I picked up this important message delivered by Kryon to Humanity via Lee Caroll.

This message will help you understand what's happening behind the scenes and will give you a great hope concerning the future of Humanity and his/her planetary companion, Earth.

Read this excerpt and if it resonates with your heart, I invite you to read the whole lesson. 

In 1987, an event occurred that was unique in your history.
It was called "The Harmonic Convergence," and also later called the "11:11."
What was unique was esoteric: The earth had reached a vibratory rate of spiritual neutrality where the future could go either way.
It could be pulled to a high level, an inter-dimensional level, or wallow in the old prophesies of doom and Armageddon.
Out of your linear time, and hard for you to understand, all of the Higher-Selves involved in the system of Earth were polled.
All the Human Beings that have ever been on the planet, are on the planet, and potentially will be on the planet, were asked this question:
"Do you want to go through with the old energy prophesy, the potentials of the old, or do you wish to move into the new energy that the ancients told you, was coming? [Mayans and 2012] "
It is an energy that is not in your current prophesy, something that will create peace on Earth, something that will create work for the Lemurians who are here and the old souls who are here.
It will create spiritual Lighthouses who will awaken in large number.
What is your choice?"
And the answer was:
"We want to go forward."
And as dramatic proof of this esoteric event, almost over night, within a few years of this event, the geopolitical structure of the planet changed and morphed into something nobody expected.
Against all odds, and all prophesy, countries who were powerful players of the old end times scenario, changed greatly. [The Soviet Union, in particular]
You were suddenly looking at a reality that no one had prophesied.
No cold war!
The very thing that had created 50 years of turmoil, fear, and "had no foreseeable end" had suddenly terminated itself.
The time for the scheduled Armageddon came and went [1999 to 2001].

Read The Whole Lesson 1 : Discovering Your Spirituality

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