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dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Kryon : How Many People Do We Need To Make A Difference In The Vibration For All?...Channelled by Lee Caroll

We are seven billion people on our beautiful blue planet.

How many people do we need to make a difference in the vibration for all?

According to Kryon in “The History Of Humanity” (live channelling given in the western Mediterranean sea via Lee Caroll, 8th Annual Kryon Cruise, August/September, 2007) , we need 35.000.000 people.

Do the math :

Listen to what I've been telling you for years: Less than one-half of one percent of this planet has to awaken to make a difference in the vibration for all.
You will move into 2012 with a new vibration.
Less than one-half of one percent of seven billion people have to awaken.
(0,5% x = 35.000.000)
It's not that many.
In fact, it's only 10% of the 350 million Lemurians who are alive today - a very reasonable percentage.
(10% x 350.000.000 = 35.000.000)
Where are you in this puzzle?
How long is civilization supposed to last?
I will tell you.
The answer is your future, and you will decide that.
You are totally in control of it, so it can go as long as you wish.
But I will tell you how long the test was designed for.
Some of you will laugh.
There are many kinds of popular numbers that float around a culture that have become doctrine and mythology.
But quite often there is core truth to their importance.
One of them, which appears many times as many things, is 144.000.
It's intuitive and you all know it.
It represents the Length Of The Test in years - 144.000 years.
One hundred thousand years ago was the beginning of what you would call the enlightened Human Being.
That's all - just 100.000 years.
Oh, there was humanoid development long before that, but the Human Being had no spiritual equipment, you might say, within the DNA.
It was just biology.
Your anthropologists will tell you about the age of Humans.
They will dig up many bones and tell you many stories about how old humanity may be.
Those are just biologically evolved creatures, not yet part of the scenario where angelic beings are part of the DNA. 
Do the math again : if what Kryon says is true, our civilization will last in a bit more than 40.000 years from now and will attend the end of the  "Test Of Energy" or "Balance of Energy" on planet Earth if "we decide that and are totally in control of our future". It will be a cycle of 40 times 3.600 years or 12 times 12.000 years.

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