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dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Kryon : Who The Lightworker Really Is...Channelled by Lee Caroll

I loved the depiction of “Who The Lightworker Really Is” made by Kryon in one of his many channelings via Lee Caroll.

I excerpted this description from a live channelling given in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in August, 12 2006, "The End Times Revisited".

I let you appreciate these passages which I found very close to the reality of a Lighworker :

I'm going to review for you, finally, who the Lightworker really is.
Let me paint a picture yet again for who the Lightworker is on this planet.
Imagine with me: There she stands, there he stands.
Oh, look at them.
They don't look like giant spiritual beings, do they?
They look ordinary and average.
But when you start going inside, you find things that the masters all had.
These Lightworkers are balanced.
That's the first way you can tell. . . they're balanced.
They're so balanced that you want to be with them.
Have you ever met someone who you just want to be with?
You just want to walk with them?
It's because they're not judging you; they're beautiful inside and they listen when you talk.
They say things that are appropriate and wise.
They're not judging anyone, or making fun of anyone.
There's no drama around them.
There's a radiance that you can feel.
There's a joy.
That's a Lightworker.
And that didn't come easy; it's not natural in your busy civilization, and it takes an activated DNA.
That's another phrase for "a Human Being working on themselves spiritually."
They stand tall, even though they may not be physically tall.
Their countenance seems bigger than it is; that's the Lightworker.
They're sure of themselves, but they are not filled with themselves.
That's the Lightworker.
They look at you with compassionate eyes.
They care about you, no matter who you are or what you look like or where you've been.
That's the Lightworker.
Perhaps this sounds like it's echoing some of the masters that you have followed?
Does it sound like the Buddha or The Christ, does it sound like perhaps the prophet Muhammad?
Well, it should, because those are the attributes of the masters of the planet

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