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mardi 19 juillet 2011

What Light Work Is Really Jeshua Through Pamela Kribbe

These are some passages I loved and decided to excerpt from Pamela Kribbe's articles hosted in her website to make them known to you.

I really did love Jeshua's channelings. 

They're so uplifting, so inspiring, so enlightening and so relaxing that you forget all the struggles you are experiencing on this planet of 3 dimension.

You often wonder what light work is really about.
What does it mean to spread light, or to offer healing to other people?
This is the question I’d like to address today.
First of all, we need to take a closer look at the relationship between people when one is helping the other.
I would like to point out that something strange is going on with the distinction between healthy and sick, or between whole and broken, as it is used in your society.
When you go to the doctor with a medical problem, you are a “sick person in need of treatment”.
Doctors are supposed to know something you do not.
They are the expert and you easily get the feeling that your health is in their hands.
It is not so much different when you suffer from mental or emotional problems.
If people see a therapist, psychologist or a healer, they silently presuppose that these experts have some superior knowledge or skill which can help them solve their issues.
By the very way the relationship between patient and doctor, or client and therapist, is defined, something happens to the self perception of both parties involved.

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