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mercredi 19 septembre 2012

How the Alchemy of Your Knowledge Works...By Cosmic Awareness

It is the Will and Intent of this Awareness to prepare a certain small portion of society of aware people, so that their consciousness in being made aware, can have an alchemical effect on the mass-consciousness in a way that depolarizes and balances the energies on this plane.

This has to do with quantum physics in which polarized energies, being resolved in part, tend to affect the greater mass so that wherein the greater mass might have certain fears, the fears diminish as the fewer parts having already perceived and gone through the energizing of these concepts, harmonizing or reconciling these polarities, these fewer points of light help to defuse the fear and the polarization of the greater masses.

It is a principle in quantum physics that need to be understood, in order that entities better recognize why certain elements of consciousness in a small percentage can have profound effect on the greater mind of consciousness.

When this Awareness speaks of consciousness, It speaks of the collective consciousness of humanity.

This Awareness reminds entities that It is not playing favorites with humanity over the aliens simply because It is speaking through a human channel.

These alien beings have certain intrinsic rights.

This Awareness does however, recognize certain principles as being proper and appropriate and a certain manner of behavior as being appropriate, and wherein aliens are inappropriate in their behavior, this Awareness must express concern for that inappropriateness and tends to seek to influence reconciliation.

This Awareness indicates that wherein there is fear, whether within aliens or humans, this Awareness tends to seek to eliminate the fear, for fear tends to create problems, and courage tends to solve those problems.

This Awareness indicates that It is not seeking to cause entities alarm.

It would not tell most entities what is being given here to those who have been long-term recipients of messages from this Awareness.

Those entities who are aware or who have the capacity to listen to that which is unusual without flinching, without fear, are those entities who are blessed and who are precious in that they can help to diffuse the negative energies that might accompany such information, and in so diffusing the negativity and the fear that others might feel, they become open to the possibility, and in so doing, harmonize the polarities associated with such information for the mass mind to consume.
It is likened unto a digestion, wherein part of the mind digest the information without becoming frightened and throwing up.

If part of the mind can digest the information, then it breaks down the information to such levels that the rest of the mass-consciousness begins to accept the digested information on a subconscious level, so that when, indeed, the events transpire that pertain to the message, the entities are not so easily thrown off balance or into states of fear or into radical reactions.

(Revelations of Awareness 90-6 NO. 359)

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