mercredi 17 novembre 2021

Why I Love Nexo, The Most Smartly Designed Cryptocurrency Wallet In This Increasingly Digitalized World

Clément Jeanneau and the Web of Tomorrow

I discovered the world of cryptocurrency quite by chance, when I came across Clément Jeanneau's presentation of it on TEDx, "LeWeb De Demain Sera Décentralisé".

I immediately started testing the wallets he recommended, and in particular Portis and its companion Shapeshift.

I subsequently discovered Trust, Exodus and Atomic Wallet.

I have loved and adopted them all, each with their own unique qualities but all offering a private key that entitles you to become the sole owner, with a few exceptions.

These 5 decentralized wallets use open space technology known as blockchain, which technology allows cryptocurrencies to be exchanged between them.

I learned a lot from the inevitable mistakes I made, just like the stubborn newbie that I was.

But you can avoid them, especially as this new universe has produced increasingly powerful and intuitive tools for ordinary people.

Now, the uninitiated are able to interact with portfolios that have successfully bridged this world that still seems virtual, and the real world of finance in which we have been operating since we came to the world.

Nexo, the Most Popular Wallet Right Now

The most recent are Klever, TronLink and notably CoinZoom which I also use, but I have personally set my sights on Nexo, a real platform that gives you the option of holding crypto-assets - a few handpicked like BTC, ETH, BNB to name only the most popular - and to mortgage them by taking out a loan from Nexo which can be consumed in one or more credit lines.

An example will enlighten you on the rule used in this ingenious platform: if you hold BTC and /or ETH, Nexo lends you 50% of the amounts held; if you hold USDT, USDC, DAI or PAX which are known for their stability against the US dollar (USD), Nexo lends you 90% of the amounts held in these so-called stable crypto-assets; any other crypto-asset held (BNB, DOT, TRX or LTC) entitles you to only 30% of the amounts held in the form of loans, apart from NEXO and AVAX for which 15% and 33% are offered to you respectively.

The most important in all this is the daily remuneration of your idle crypto-assets which can go up to 12% per year and which allows you to easily cover the costs generated by the loans taken out, which are either transferred to you to your bank account, or used to buy new crypto-assets.

As a result, you see your wealth growing before your eyes, and you can repay your loan at any time from the crypto-assets that you have pledged.

But I've learned that the more you let your crypto-assets mature, the more you will be surprised by how the cryptocurrency market is growing over the long term, especially if you don't panic at the slightest drop in them - momentarily of course.

Antoni Trenchev, the Brilliant Communicator of Nexo

What I also love is the communication and transparency policy supported by the Nexo team led by the brilliant AntoniTrenchev.

You can get the most out of Nexo, when you reach the following optimal configuration which allows you to raise loan funds of up to 66,5% of your crypto-assets:

Nexo Token: 10%;

Other Crypto-Assets: 40%;

Stable Crypto-Assets: 50%.

An illustrative example will enlighten you on this last point.

Suppose you have 10,000 USD in crypto-assets with regard to what I mentioned earlier, namely 10% in NEXO, 40% in other crypto-assets and 50% in stable crypto-assets.

Nexo will lend you 15% of your crypto-assets in NEXO, or 150 USD, 50% of your other crypto-assets, or 2,000 USD, and finally 90% of your stable crypto-assets, or 4,500 USD.

In total, Nexo will grant you a credit line totaling 6,650 USD, or 66.50% of your crypto-assets which will serve as guarantee funds for the credit line that you can request:

Nexo:          1,000         150 (15.00%)

BTC:          4,000      2,000 (50.00%)

USDT:       5,000      4,500 (90.00%)

Total:      10,000      6,650 (66.50%)

Nexo is therefore a real online bank!

PS: It should be noted that unlike the decentralized wallets mentioned above, Nexo is a centralized platform the same as the essential Binance exchange platform.