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samedi 18 juillet 2009

To Change The Way We Live, We Must Change The Way We Gregg Braden

"Do we have the wisdom to marry science, history, tradition and belief into the miracle that awaits us on December 21, 2012 ?" Says Gregg Braden, suggesting in his wonderful "Choice Point 2012" that :

What sets the Mayan prophecy apart from the general predictions of other cultures is that it has an expiration date that occurs in our lifetime.

The last cycle of the intangible Mayan calendar correponds to a series of tangible events, some of which are already happening today.

Here is what we know for certain :

  • the end of the Mayan Great Cycle marks a rare alignment of our planet, our solar system, and the center of our galaxy - one that will not occur again for another 26.000 years.
  • on March 10, 2006, a cycle of solar storms ended and a new cycle began. It is predicted to peak in 2012, with an intensity 30-50% greater than previous cycles.
  • scientists agree that Earth's magnetic fields are weakening quickly, and some suspect that we are in the early stage of a polar reversal.
  • correlations between the magnetic fields of the Earth and human experience suggest that it is easier for us to accept change and adapt to new ideas in weaker fields of magnetism.
  • recent validation of quantum principles proves that the way we perceive our world - our beliefs about our experience - strongly influences our physical reality.
With these facts in mind, the December 21 solstice of 2012 appears to be a geat cosmic window of opportunity.

To read more of this precious material provided by Gregg Braden, click on the link below:

Choice Point 2012 (page 26)

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