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jeudi 29 octobre 2009

What Role Does Nibiru Play In Our Ascension? Jelaila Starr

Is Nibiru the 12th planet of our solar system (the famous planet X), or is it a star, or a brown dwarf, or a flagship, or a battle star/planet ? 
What is it exactly ? 
Is it threatening our planet ? 
Is it guided by ET races ? 
Maybe Jelaila Starr has the answer since she states that :

"Nibiru remains our trigger for awakening. 
Once it gets close enough to us, uncloaks and shows itself, it will bring about a universal shift in consciousness.
Mankind will then wake up to the fact that they are not alone in the universe and will begin to search for the reason and purpose behind this great planet/ship. 
It is then that the ancient knowledge suppressed by the religions and governments of earth in order to control the people, will come to light. 
Mankind’s true identity will be made known to them and they will have the opportunity to embrace it on a global scale.
Nibiru’s effects are already being felt. 
Due to its massive size, Nibiru is already affecting our weather, our planetary frequency and our sun. 
Once again, I am not a scientist so I cannot give you this information in those terms. 
I will give you what they show me. 
Nibiru is affecting our sun. 
Because of the pressure being exerted by its mass moving closer to us, it is creating pressure on the sun. 
This pressure is like squeezing a tomato until it begins to rupture. 
These ruptures are the solar flares and emissions from the sun. 
The sun is changing and emitting more light.
Much like going from a 75 watt bulb to a 150 watt bulb.
This changes our DNA and activates the dormant codes within it to begin the transmutation of our bodies from carbon-based to crystalline-based. 
Though uncomfortable, this transmutation is necessary to move into a higher dimension i.e., 5D."

To learn more about this event, click on the following link : Pleiadian Federation Flagship, Nibiru

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