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samedi 17 juillet 2010

The World of Free Peter Lindemann

After being deeply convinced by the sublime demonstration of David Wilcock (Science Of Oneness) concerning the existence of free energy and the suppression of the technologies related to it by the "wealthiest families and their central banking insitutions", I'm now sure that free energy has always existed, exists and shall ever be existing thanks to Peter Lindemann's following article The World Of Free Energy.

"The appearance of free energy technology in the public domain is the dawning of a truly civilized age. It is an epochal event in human history. Nobody can “take credit” for it. Nobody can “get rich” on it. Nobody can “rule the world” with it. It is simply, a Gift from God." Says Peter Lindemann.

Here's some excerpts that I choose for you :
What is starting to happen is that inventors are publishing their work, instead of patenting it and keeping it secret. 
More and more, people are “giving away” information on these technologies in books, videos and websites. 
While there is still a great deal of useless information about free energy on the Internet, the availability of good information is rising rapidly. 
Check out the list of websites and other resources at the end of this article.
It is imperative that you begin to gather all of the information you can on real free energy systems. 
The reason for this is simple. 
The first two Forces (the Wealthiest Families and their Central Banking institutions are the First Force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology; the Second Force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology is National Governmentswill never allow an inventor or a company to build and sell a free energy machine to you! 
The only way you will ever get one is if you, or a friend, build it yourself. 
This is exactly what thousands of people are already quietly starting to do. 
You may feel wholly inadequate to the task, but start gathering information now. 
You may be just a link in the chain of events for the benefit of others. 
Focus on what you can do now, not on how much there still is to be done. 
Small, private research groups are working out the details as you read this. 
Many are committed to publishing their results on the Internet.

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