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jeudi 21 juillet 2011

What Are Antineoplastons? Dr Stanislaw Burzynski

Antineoplastons (ANP) are peptides and amino acid derivatives, discovered by Dr. S. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. in 1967.

Dr. Burzynski first identified naturally occurring peptides in the human body that control cancer growth.

He observed that cancer patients typically had deficiency of certain peptides in their blood as compared to healthy individuals.

According to Dr. Burzynski, Antineoplastons are components of a biochemical defense system that controls cancer without destroying normal cells.

Chemically, the Antineoplastons include peptides, amino acid derivatives and organic acids.

They occur naturally in blood and urine and they are reproduced synthetically for medicinal use.

The name of Antineoplastons comes from their functions in controlling neoplastic, or cancerous, cells (anti-neoplastic cells agents).

Antineoplastons act as molecular switches, which turn off life processes in abnormal cells and force them to die through apoptosis (programmed death of a cell).

While they trigger the death of cancer cells, they do not inhibit normal cell growth.

They specifically target cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

It is generally known that the cancerous process results from increased activity of oncogenes and decreased expression of tumor suppressor genes.

Antineoplastons "turn on" tumor suppressor genes and "turn off" oncogenes restoring the proper balance in gene expression.

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2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Please tell me where do I find the image with the chemical formulas(in blue)?Thanks.

Salah Benyoussef a dit…

I'm sorry I can't remember from where I picked the image of the formula. I can hardly remember the transcriptions of the first movie featuring Dr Mercola and other supporters of Dr Burzynski's work.