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samedi 17 décembre 2011

Veronica Keen Interviews Gilad Atzmon About His Popular New Book, The Wandering Who? (A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics)

Message From Veronica:
Veronica with Montague Keen
I would like to thank all those who emailed me regarding Monty's message about the fact that "IRELAND IS THE KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK EVERYTHING". On the 15th November, I met for the first time, GILAD ATZMON. He has just written a book called THE WANDERING WHO? Gilad was born and grew up in Israel. He was a Jew. Gilad researched Jewish history and found that they do not have any; that there is nothing in Israel to support their claims. He stated on film that their history WAS STOLEN. I said, yes, it was stolen from Ireland.

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