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lundi 24 juin 2013

Is Multi-Level Marketing or MLM A Moral And Ethical Business? Jon M. Taylor

Jon Taylor:
Knowing my grasshopper approach to career decisions  in  the  past,  hopping  from  one startup  business  to  another,  friends  have asked me what has driven me to stay with my consumer  advocacy,  focusing  so  intently  on this one business model for 18 years. 
My  answer  is  that  when  I  discovered how  deceptive,  unfair,  viral,  and  predatory this  industry  is,  and  how  few  people  – including  regulators  –  understand  the  flaws and  consequences  of  MLM  participation, both  individually  and  in  the  aggregate,  I decided  to  use  my  unique  background  and skills to challenge the industry and to provide guidance  to  prevent  onsumers  from  being victimized by fraudulent MLMs..  
It is both the outrage I feel at the unchecked growth of this unfair  and  deceptive  practice,  as  well  as letters  of  deep  appreciation  and encouragement  from  persons  around  the world  who  have  been  helped  with  this information and these warnings. 
Just like the chain letter, MLM  assumes an infinite market, which does not exist in the real  world.  
It  also  assumes  a  virgin  market, which don’t exist for long – which necessitates that an MLM expand  –  or “repryamid”  –  into new  markets.  
Thus,  MLM  with  its  endless chains  of  recruitment,  is  inherently  flawed, unfair,  and  deceptive.  
Fifteen  years  of worldwide  feedback  tells  me  that  MLM  is also  extremely  viral  and  predatory.  
This  is advantageous for the founders, TOPPs (top of-the-pyramid  promoters),  and  the  MLM company itself, but works to the detriment of new  recruits  –  who  are  being  sold  a  ticket on a flight that  has already left the ground.

Jon Taylor:

As will be seen from further analysis, it would be difficult to conceive of a more unfair and deceptive practice than MLM, to say nothing of its extremely viral and predatory nature

Again, in this FTC definition, as with the Wikipedia definition, no mention is made of the inherent flaws in any MLM systemendless chains of recruitment and a pay plan that is recruitment-driven, top-weighted, and financed primarily by incentivized purchases of the participants themselves.

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