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vendredi 21 mars 2008

Nabil KHEMIR : The RayJam Master

My new friend Akbar NOUR,'s Contributing Editor said about Nabil KHEMIR :

Nabil KHEMIR is a talented guitarist/'oud' (Arabic lute) player, singer and composer from Tunisia, blending Western and Arabic influences in his music.

He started to play when he was nine years old, receiving an oud for his birthday.

He carried on fostering his musical skills with Tunisian oud master Ali Sriti and started to perform regularly with local orchestras, while listening to jazz giants such as John Coltrane, John McLaughlin and George Benson.

Being immersed in both Western and Oriental musical cultures, KHEMIR decided to create in 2004 a hybrid instrument, called "Ray Jam", a custom double neck oud/electric guitar.

This unique instrument was assembled both in Tunisia and the Netherlands.

As the musician puts it: "The first part of the word, "Ray", I chose it, because the "Rayjam" gives off/clears a ray like the sun.

An energy I feel while playing it.

The second part, "Jam", I chose it, because the lute and guitar are jamming together when I play".

After having gained huge success in his home country, the artist came to the USA in 2007 and won an Honor Award at the 8th Annual Great American Song Contest for his tune "Parfum d'Orient et d'Occident" (Western and Oriental Fragrance).

This award enabled KHEMIR to seal a deal with an American jazz record company "Blue Canoe Records" and he released his debut album, "Ray Jam", in September 2007.

This delightful CD includes five original compositions and arrangements (his hit "Parfum d'Orient et d'Occident", "Hanin", "Nadam", "Gitane" and "Hkaya"), blending in a masterful way Nabil KHEMIR's Arabic-Andalusian musical heritage, contemporary jazz and Tunisian rythms.

Therefore, do not hesitate to listen carefully to fusion artist Nabil KHEMIR, for whom "the Rayjam is an instrument that permits to make travel all musical styles all over the world and to unify those who listen to it."

For more information: Nabil KHEMIR

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