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vendredi 12 décembre 2008

Myth 10: Don’t be yourself! David Cameron Gikandi

This is the mother of all the myths.

We are fed this myth in so many different ways and through so many different channels.

There is the prevailing idea that you cannot be yourself and succeed.

You are taught to change yourself to fit a certain ‘standard’, to accept certain ideas… to blend in!

In fact, you are even rewarded for blending in, for losing your natural essence, for dropping your own way.

The rewards are piecemeal.

Often consisting of minor promotions, small raises, stars on sheets of paper.

All the time, the big reward, your life lived in passion, is held at bay, unlived.

Look, you may copy successful ways of life, but you don’t have to stop being yourself.

In fact, being yourself is the best thing you can do for your success.

Accept your strengths and weaknesses, then apply your strengths 100%.

Whatever they may be.

Accept your passions!

Then follow your heart 100%!

Know your natural path and ways, then harmonize that with the world and follow your path.

I am not calling for a rebellion for the sake of rebellion.

That is just as unproductive as conforming.

What I am saying is, be at peace with who you are, leverage your power and passions, learn what you need to learn from those who have succeeded at what you wish to accomplish, then follow your way, and you will succeed so well, and you will be happy because it will be in doing what you love!


Didn’t they tell us, when we were younger, that we can’t just do what we love, that we have to do what we are told, and work in careers selected from a menu that was presented to us when we were too young to know any better?

Yes, they did tell us these things!

And now we believe them, we accept them as facts of life.

Wake up!

They aren’t facts of life!

They are just beliefs about life.

You can do what you love and succeed mightily.

You simply need to know how.

How Anyone Can Be A Millionaire

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