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mardi 29 avril 2008

"I" and "Me" John Harricharan

I stood upon the mountain-top
And looked into the sea,
And all my heart and all my soul
Were looking longingly.

The "I" in me saw visions great
Of things that were to come.
The "Me", I think, saw only that
Which long ago had gone.

The "Me" kept seeing awful things
Like wars and death and strife.
Meanwhile the "I" was silently
Thinking alone of life.

And as the setting sun went down
And evening shadows fell,
Both "Me" and "I" joined hands again
To say that all was well.

A funny pair, these friends of mine,
The "Me" and "I" you see;
The one is this, the other that;
They both need unity.

When one decides it wants this thing,
The other says "OH NO!"
And then a struggle starts to brew
To see which way they'll go.

The mountaintop, the valley deep,
Wherever I might be,
The heavens high, the sea below,
I still need unity.

For unity is one with God,
It takes the "I" and "Me,"
And in the melting pot of good,
Blends them eternally.

Excerpted from
Poems by John Harricharan

Formation aux Outils d'Analyse des Comptes d'une Collectivité Locale

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