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samedi 26 avril 2008

When You Can Walk On Water, Take The John Harricharan

When he prefaced his book, John Harricharan wrote :

Life is lived from within and one can never be hurt by what appears to be happening outside.

You can change circumstances, if you so desire - for your only purpose in life is to make choices.

Once the choice is made, the entire Universe moves to bring into fruition that which you chose.

Read on then, with an open mind and let yourself ask you questions.

Many of these truths you already know, but may only have forgotten.

Let us remember together the true nature of our being.

I invite you to read this marvelous ebook, written in an inspirational style :

When You Can Walk On Water, Take The Boat

Formation aux Outils d'Analyse des Comptes d'une Collectivité Locale

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