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mercredi 26 août 2009

The 6 Principles Of Naturopathic Dr Karuna Sabnani

Rather than trying to attack specific symptoms of a disease, says Dr Karuna Sabnani, naturopathic doctors focus on cleansing and strengthening the body to address and prevent both chronic and acute disease, following the six principles of naturopathic medicine:
  1. The healing power of nature. Respect for nature includes honoring our fellow human beings, and our bodies’ powerful natural healing processes. Naturopathic treatments work in harmony with the body’s immune system, to increase strength and vitality.
  2. First, do no harm. The approaches used in naturopathic medicine are focused on being safe and non-invasive, with a minimal risk of side effects.
  3. Find and treat the cause. Naturopathic doctors honor symptoms as the body’s way of communicating deeper problems. We generally do not treat the symptoms themselves, as this would be analogous to fixing the “check engine” light on one’s car, instead of checking and fixing the engine. When the cause of an illness is addressed appropriately, the symptoms are addressed as well.
  4. Treat the whole person. Each patient is unique in their own life experiences as well as their genetics, and disease manifests differently in each individual. Each patient has his or her unique dynamic of physical, emotional and mental interactions. When these interactions are out of balance, one’s susceptibility to disease, as well as one’s ability to fight disease, are impacted. Naturopathic medicine seeks to balance the body’s physical, emotional and mental interactions with the appropriate natural medicines and treatment.
  5. Prevent disease. If we all take responsibility for our life situations, lifestyles, habits and patterns, we can begin to recognize imbalances, and work to change them for the better. Naturopathic doctors work with patients to help determine areas needing attention and change, to help prevent minor illnesses from developing into more serious or chronic degenerative disaeases.
  6. Physician as teacher. Disease not only encourages our bodies’ innate healing abilities, but also allows us to open up and accept the help and love of others. Naturopathic physicians work to educate patients about their bodies and how to live more healthy lifestyles, so that healing may occur. When this interaction takes place, healing occurs, and we can share the experience and compassion, and catalyze the healing process in others.
To learn more about Naturopathic Healthcare, visit Dr Karuna's website.

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