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dimanche 30 août 2009

Polarity Integration: the “Universal Game” Jelaila Starr

According to the importance of the messages of Jelaila Starr for the personal development and spiritual path of human beings here on planet Earth which are lessons taught by the Nibiruan Council, I couldn't help but present you this vital article written by Jelaila.

Here are some excerpts of this vital article :

Polarity Integration means the integration of two opposites.

In our universe the “game for soul evolution” is called Polarity Integration and what we are here to integrate are the two opposites, Light and Dark.

The Light can be described as love, joy, bliss and all the emotions connected with the upper chakras.

The Dark can be described as fear, anger, blame, shame and all the emotions connected with the lower chakras.

The Light represents the “reward”, joy, happiness, bliss.

The Dark represents the “lesson”, the challenge.

Emotional/physical pain, and the emotions of fear and anger are what we must learn to value as part of the lesson.

Compassion is the goal of the game.

Compassion is the integration point, the middle point of the two opposites.

When the soul reaches true compassion, it feels acceptance for both sides, judging neither as inherently good or bad.

Achieving compassion or integration means that a soul sees the value in both the Light and the Dark, and chooses to have both in balanced portions, as part of itself.

Each soul in this universe is playing the Polarity Integration Game in order to achieve spiritual evolution and eventual reunion with Divine Creator, the Source, All that Is.

One of the great challenges of the Polarity Integration Game is finding the value in the Dark.

The Dark is the schoolhouse, and the classes are the lessons we desire to learn in order to achieve a balance of both within ourselves.

The other great challenge is our belief that we want to stay in the Light.

The Light is like a vacation spot on a tropical island.

It is a getaway from the stress and strain of spiritual growth.

We were never meant to stay there because staying in the Light would be polarizing to that extreme.

Polarizing to either the Light or Dark stagnates spiritual growth.

It also eliminates the ability to procreate since the physical form is then partially emotionally shut down.

It takes a balance of both polar opposites to be able to procreate without a problem.

In order to achieve our goal, we all play roles that are Dark and roles that are Light.

Otherwise, we could not integrate because we would not have the experience of these opposites.

For more details, visit Jelaila's website :

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