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samedi 29 août 2009

The 9 Steps Of The Formula Of Jelaila Starr

The Formula of Compassion discovered by Jelaila Starris a multidimensional process to access personal responsibility that is based on the higher perspective of compassion and consists of 9 steps that enable us to release another from playing a role, and thus change our relationship with that person.

In addition, once we change our relationship to that person, we also see the portion of our reality, the situation in which this person was involved, also change.

The Nine Steps of the Formula are as follows:
Step One: Lesson
What is the lesson I wanted to learn regarding this person and the conflict we are experiencing?

Step Two: Contract
What is the contract I made with this person?

Step Three: Role
What is the role this person is playing to act out his/her part of the contract?

Step Four: Aspect
What is the aspect of myself this person is reflecting back to me?

Step Five: Gift
What is the gift this person is giving me by playing their role?

Step Six: Acceptance
Can I accept the role that this person has played, along with their actions, to help me learn this lesson?

Step Seven: Allowing
Can I allow myself to let go of my anger towards this person who played the role to help me learn the lesson?

Step Eight: Release
Can I release this person from blame?

Step Nine: Kindness
Now that I have released this person, can I be kind to him/her, and if so, how can I do it and when will I do it?
Now that you are feeling the gratitude and compassion, having released the other person from blame and anger, and realize you can be kind to them now, you are just about finished with the Formula.

The final two parts to Step Nine are:

    a) How will you show your kindness, and

    b) When you will do it?

For more details, read the integral article : The Formula Of Compassion

To see how this Formula is applied, read the following article : President Bush And The Formula Of Compassion

"If we don’t want a lying, cheating, disingenuous president in the White House then we must stop being and doing these things to ourselves and each other.

"If we want truth, honesty, and integrity from our leader, we must become those things ourselves.

"Remember, our president is only a mirror of us; what a powerful and true mirror he has been. Jelaila Starr.

In another article intitled Homeland Security And The Formula Of Compassion, the interaction between Light and Dark and how to resolve the conflict is more clear :

"We are at the end of a grand cycle of evolution where we must make a choice.

"We either move up to the next level through ascending our consciousness and our planet, or face destruction.

"It’s at this point that things really heat up.

"It’s all part of the process of ascension and we, the people, are the co-creators.

"Through our choices, individually and collectively we bring forth increased amounts of Light, but, at the same time create more potent manifestations of the Dark.

"Now why would we want to increase the Dark on our world?

"That’s where most of us have missed the boat.

"We have been taught that the Dark is bad and has no value but from the Higher Perspective, it does.

"We create the Dark manifestations in order to act as a catalyst to keep us moving forward.

"We learn through the pain, pain is the great teacher; it shows us what we want by experiencing the consequences of what we don’t want.

"Once we understand this universal principle, a principle of compassion, we can begin to change the reality that we now see. Jelaila Starr.

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