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samedi 5 septembre 2009

Dr Park Jae Woo And Su Jok Therapy

Su-Jok- is an universal method of influence on feet and palms by needles, curing method of diseases without taking any medicines and without doing harm to your organism.
This method may be called a very supportive in first aid at acute disease.

The method is special for every disease and it doesn't require huge financial expenses or special medical knowledge, profound skills and intricate devices.

Everyone can use this method at any age with benefits to the health.

Many people are familiar with acupuncture and its varieties such as trigger point massage, influence on biologically active points by heat, electricity, etc.

These methods of healing are used only after a long professional studying and practice.

Korean doctor Park Jae Woo discovered a unique sanitation method of organism to heal via hands and feet.

He proved that there are some zones on feet and palms which connected with all organs and systems of an organism.

Pathological changes in the organism are shown by morbidity of these zones, and influencing on them in the various ways, especially by acupuncture, brings medical effect.

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