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jeudi 16 juin 2011

The Deadly, But Highly Profitable, Cancer Dr Mercola

I could not help but reproduce this passage from Dr Mercola's brilliant post "The Great Cancer Hoax".

I lost my elder son on november 7, 2009 after he'd been treated with chemo and radio therapies during 4 long years with no success.

I'm sure that Dr Burzynski found the relevant treatment because his therapy is based on ingredients not harmful and not toxic for our body.

His therapy not only summons the divine intelligence of our cells but informs our DNA on what to instruct our cells in order to stop the growth of the cancer.

While the stolen patents are filled with useful information about the benefits and efficacy of antineoplastons, one statement in particular sums up the problem with the current cancer paradigm:
"Current approaches to combat cancer rely primarily on the use of chemicals and radiation, which are themselves carcinogenic and may promote recurrences and the development of metastatic disease."

Dr. Burzynski's therapy, as you may recall, is non-toxic, giving patients the option to at least not suffer more grievous harm from the treatment itself, in addition to a significantly greater chance of being cured.

I'm sure that whenever someone donates their hard-earned money or participates in a pink-ribbon walkathon, they believe they're doing a good thing.

They believe they're helping fund vital cancer research that will hopefully, some day, find a cure for cancer.

Little do they know that much of this money goes toward perpetuating the status quo of cancer treatment, namely highly toxic drugs and expensive machinesthe same old paradigm centered around profit.

As of 2010, the National Cancer Institute's annual budget is $5.2 billion.

Dr. Burzynski cannot get a single dime of it.

All of his research into antineoplastons over the past 35 years has been self-funded.

Think about that for a moment.

Not one dime has been funneled toward developing one of the most promising cancer therapies to emerge in the past three decades...

Are you still convinced they have your best interest at heart, and are diligently working to "find a cure for cancer"?


Dr Nicholas Patronas (a board-certified radiologist since 1973, professor of radiology at Georgetown University, and founder of the neuroradiology section of the National Cancer Institute) :

Well, it’s amazing, the fact that they are not handicapped from the side effects of any treatment, and the side effects of most aggressive treatments are worse than the tumor itself, so these particular individuals not only survived, but they didn’t have major side effects. So I think it’s impressive and unbelievable

Patient #6

What the classical conventional medicine had to do for me was there—nothing. For me, the next thing was the minister. I did not want to undergo chemotherapy, which I had a new name for, “kill „em therapy”. Or any type of radiation, I was extremely lucky that I found Dr. Burzynski. And I don‟t want the FDA to take this right from me. I came eighteen years ago from Communist Romania, and the tyrant dictator Ceauscescu, never stopped a doctor from treating anybody. How can we have something like this in the United States?

Patient #4

I have a report from my family physician which tells how well I am doing, my tumors are leaving my body, and condition is improving every day. Now the FDA is saying to me “no, your doctor is a criminal, he should be put in jail, and he needs to be shut down” ... this, is 
 criminal !!

Mariann Kunnari (with son Dustin)

This is Dustin Kunnari and he is on Dr. Burzynski's antineoplaston treatment. And this is my husband, Jack Kunnari. Now, in February of 1994 our lives were drastically changed. My son Dustin was only two and a half years old at the time—he has diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a golf ball. The surgeon removed 75% of his tumor, and the remaining 25% was diagnosed from a biopsy as a malignant, very aggressive medulloblastoma brain tumorone of the most deadly forms of brain cancer. The doctors told us Dustin had only a few months to live. The first treatment offered us was radiation. But the radiation doctor told us that at his young age, Dustin would become a vegetable, and it would only extend his life for maybe a few months. The next doctor wanted us to enroll Dustin into an experimental chemotherapy, which was highly toxic. The side effects would include hearing loss, kidney and liver damage, bladder, stunted growth and a possible leukemia. One question I'd like to ask is: would you do that to your child?

We weighed the harm these experimental drugs would cause against the fact that they would not cure Dustin, and decided not to subject him to these drastic measures. But our oncologists told us that their opinion took precedence over us as parents. This put added stress to the already stressful situation we were in. In April of 1994, we visited Dr.  Stanislaw Burzynski in Houston. Dr. Burzynski made us no promises, but said, that he “often had good results with brain tumors, at worst it would not hurt Dustin” and it offered the best hope in a longer quality of life. An MRI six weeks after we started Dr. Burzynski's treatment revealed no tumor. We were very overjoyed.

Dustin continued Antineoplaston therapy, and one year later a tumor one-inch by one-inch in size was found on the MRI, that would be in April of 1995. Dr. Burzynski  immediately raised Dustin‟s dose of Antineoplastons. There were still no harsh side-effects at all. The next MRI in September of 1995 revealed that the tumor had almost disappeared again. To this day, it has not reappeared. If you look at Dustin right now, he‟s a happy, healthy four-year-old, who has out-lived his prognosis. There is not a traditional treatment that would have kept him alive, with such good quality of life.

If your profound desire is to offer a new therapy to your loved ones or your close friends - if they ever have developed or are developing a form of cancer - allowing them to get free from their disease thanks to Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s cure called Antineoplastons without using chemo or radio therapy which are very harmful and have many bad side-effects, get a copy of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s movie by clicking on the picture below :

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