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samedi 18 juin 2011

What Cancer Is : A Higher Level Of Oncogenes Switched On, With A Higher Level Tumor Suppressor Genes Switched Off

Our bodies contain two categories of genes that allow cancer to flourish: oncogenes, and tumor suppressor genes.

When someone has cancer, they have a higher level of oncogenes switched on, with a higher level tumor suppressor genes switched off.

The goal is to tell the body to both, switch back on the tumor suppressor genes, and turn off as many oncogenes as possible.

While undergoing his research to acquire his PhD, Dr. Burzynski made a profound discovery.

He found a strain of peptides in human blood and urine that had never before been recorded in biomedical research.

As his curiosity in these peptides evolved, he made another profound observation—people who were inflicted with cancer, seemed to lack these newly discovered peptides in both their blood and urine—while those who were healthy and free of cancer appeared to have an abundance of these peptides.

Dr. Burzynski theorized that if he could somehow provide a way to chemically extract these peptides from the blood and urine of healthy donors, and administer these peptides to those with cancer—perhaps it would be useful in treating the disease.

If your profound desire is to offer a new therapy to your loved ones or your close friends - if they ever have developed or are developing a form of cancer - allowing them to get free from their disease thanks to Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s cure called Antineoplastons without using chemo or radio therapy which are very harmful and have many bad side-effects, get a copy of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s movie by clicking on the picture below :

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