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jeudi 16 juin 2011

Transcripts Of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski's Movie Featuring A New Cancer Treatment

In his brilliant and wonderful post The Great Cancer Hoax, Dr Mercola states that "The US Government did harass and intimidate, and they did try to falsely imprison a brilliant scientist (see the transcripts of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski's movie), simply because he'd discovered an effective cancer therapy, while simultaneously engaging in patent infringement.

Now, while this was an enormous personal hardship for Dr. Burzynski, the US Government also, through their enormous greed, in a very direct way prevented millions of cancer patients to receive a non-toxic therapy that could have saved their life.

Remember, Dr. Burzynski has been trying to get antineoplastons reviewed and approved since 1977, to no avail.

It's absolutely heartbreaking to consider the cost of this criminal behavior in terms of human life, including young children."

If your profound desire is to offer a new therapy to your loved ones or your close friends - if they ever have developed or are developing a form of cancer - allowing them to get free from their disease thanks to Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s cure called Antineoplastons without using chemo or radio therapy which are very harmful and have many bad side-effects, get a copy of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s movie by clicking on the picture below :

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